Caring for Your Horse in Cold Weather

Four tips to keeping your horse's coat healthy during the cooler months. 

1. Skin Health

Start at the skin level to ensure your horse is healthy, brush your horse daily in the cooler months to remove excess dirt and stimulate oils. The bond with your horse will be strengthened through this time spent together and it allows you to assess your horse for any abnormalities such as cuts or even loss of weight.

2. Improve Your Horse's Diet 
A horse that is consuming a balanced nutritional diet will have a healthier coat, hooves and be happier. If your horse’s coat is not shiny even with regular grooming and with the use of quality shampoos it would be worth consulting a nutritionist.

3. Keep Your Brushes Clean
It’s important to rinse your brushes after using them and also regularly using shampoo to wash the brushes. Imagine using the same brush on your own hair without ever cleaning it!

4. Gut Health
Be sure to have your horse’s worming regime up to date. A horse with worms will struggle to prosper in winter and worm infestation can turn into more serious problems such as colic.