Dressage Masterclass

Dressage Masterclass presenting Ingrid Klimke, was an action packed multi-disciplinary showcase held at Werribee Park. The event began Friday, February 14 with the Trade Village opening at 4pm, riders came from near and far to walk through the myriad of stands. The atmosphere was electric when the clock struck 5pm and the first official autograph signing session began at the Saddleworld Trade Stand.

The VIP Off The Track cocktail function commenced after the signing and led into the first part of the masterclass with In the Spotlight with Ingrid Klimke. The audience were transported to Ingrid’s childhood and gained insight into the experiences that shaped her to become the world renown rider she is today. The evening included the opportunity to ride with Ingrid via a helmet mounted Go Pro to win Turniergesellschaft Luhmühlen in 2019.

 The following day began with the eventing part of the Masterclass, including the importance of the warm-up. The Horse Gymnastics phase and jumping exercises provided the audience with great take home information. Megan Jones, Saddleworld Ambassador riding a Team MJET horse, Yona Lloyd aboard ‘Ballahowe Ayurvedic’, Stacey Halstead Saddleworld Ambassador with Tina (OTT Doomkitty), Hannah Klep riding Regal Waldermarr and Niki Rose riding ‘Dreamcatcher’ (OTT Florida Boy) were the lucky riders who took part in this session.

Next the Masterclass moved outside to a Jumping / Cross Country course created by Yona Lloyd to challenge and raise common questions found on the course. The session included riders of varying experience, Shane Rose riding ‘Stakkino’ and Amanda Ross with 'Koko Popping Candy' (OTT Gothic Medusa) along with younger riders Sophie Bennett riding ‘Bvlgari’ and Georgia Tivendale with ‘Star Allure’. Some of the knowledge Ingrid imparted included correctly bridging reins and the importance of having a target when riding in a line – just a few snippets of wisdom imparted from Ingrid.

Returning to the Indoor Arena for the dressage sessions Ingrid began with the basics, coaching Micky Brae and 'Ellanbrae Benito Gold' and Lillie Connelly and 'Cilla'. Then moved onto Young Horse combinations with Clarissa Bentley-Bell and 'Sugarloaf FeFe' and Charlie Welsh on her young stallion 'Dante Quando' OLD. Medium Horse combinations were next Nicky Kirkby on board 'Almania Felix' and Greer Moloney and 'Fidera'.

The final session Saddleworld Presents An Evening of Dressage with Ingrid Klimke was an unforgettable event for all involved. Firstly, Campbell Baxter a Saddleworld Ambassador riding 'Heatherton Park Rapscallion' and Robbie McKinnon aboard 'Silmarillion E' were coached under the watchful eye of Ingrid. The audience then gained an insight into the Prestige Italia saddle brand available at Saddleworld, that Megan Jones, Campbell Baxter and Nina Boyd all ride in. Next Nina Boyd and ‘Springfield Passion Hit’ were lucky enough to have a one on one lesson with Ingrid. For the completion of the night Clare Porz and ‘Black Sterling Heike’ worked on tempi changes.

The exceptional Masterclass with Ingrid Klimke was an event all who attended will never forget and Saddleworld has been proud to partner with, to ensure world class knowledge is available to Australian riders.

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Photography: Stephen Mowbray