Helping The Equine Community: Bush fire Relief

Australia is currently in the midst of a catastrophic bushfire crisis. The equine community across the nation is grappling with the ferocity and extent of devastation of this disaster.

The Australian Equine Community needs your help. Saddleworld and other equine product providers have already generously donated essential products to fire ravaged regions. Affected horses and their owners now need your financial assistance during this extended recovery, rehabilitation and rebuilding phase. 

Equestrian Fire Relief Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to support the Australian equestrian community through co-ordination of bushfire relief funds.

Saddleworld is working closely with Equestrian Fire Relief Australia and appeal to the wider equestrian community to assist by donating to this relief fund.

At Saddleworld our heartfelt thoughts and best wishes go out to all who are affected by the bushfires, your support will aid in the recovery of our equine community.
If you are able to donate, please donate directly to Equestrian Fire Relief Australia: