Tech Stirrups NEW & Exclusive to Saddleworld

Saddleworld Pty Ltd is happy to announce that we are now the exclusive supplier of Tech Stirrups in Australia. 

Tech Stirrups combine technology and innovation to make products tailored to the needs of riders performing in a variety of disciplines. Their horse-riding equipment is manufactured in Italy with artisan care and is perfect for riders looking for outstanding performance. 

Safety Stirrups

Tech Stirrups' safety stirrups have the widest opening on the market and are made entirely of aluminium. They contain a revolutionary safety mechanism which allows a section of the ring to open releasing the foot when a certain pressure is applied. Thanks to the specific spring the moving part stays closed during riding. 


Classic Stirrups 

Tech Stirrups' Classic Stirrups have been specifically designed for each riding discipline. Meeting all riders needs they each have patented technology to ensure outstanding performance. The Classic Stirrups have been made for the following disciplines:

  • Jumping (Athena)
  • Dressage (Aphrodite)
  • Cross-Country (Iris)
  • Endurance (Brixia)
  • Hunting (Diana)
  • Polo (Pisa)
  • Racing (Rome) 

 Cushioned Stirrups 

 The Cushioned Stirrups from Tech Stirrups include a shock-absorbing system. The stirrup follows the natural movements of the foot, giving perfect adherence in each phase of the ride. The shock absorbers reduce the sensation of fatigue and increase comfort.