Shop instore between 23rd November & 24th December 2023 for a chance to win!

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Prizes will be drawn on 18th December 2023. Winners will be notified by phone and/or email.



  • Tech Stirrups Venice Flat Evo (Black/Titanium) RRP $525.00
  • Schleich Lakeside Riding Centre RRP $299.99
  • Bare Equestrian Bare Performance Tights, Silver Logo T-Shirt, Cap and Tumbler RRP $218.00
  • Grainge Sheepskin Saddle Pad - Your choice of colour & style - RRP up to $179.95
  • Gidgee Eyewear Willow Dapple Sunglasses RRP $149.95
  • Toowoomba Saddlery Junior Competitor Saddle Pad 13mm RRP $122.05
  • Toowoomba Saddlery Halter & Lead TS Pro Series RRP $111.45
  • Hairy Pony Original Brush Set RRP $139.95
  • Ariat Gear Bag Large (Red/Navy) RRP $109.95
  • Zilco Bareback Saddlepad RRP $109.95
  • Hairy Pony Kids Brush Set RRP $99.95
  • Ariat Gear Bag Junior (Pink/Charcoal) RRP $64.95
  • Wild Horse Flyveil FV21 RRP $56.99
  • Wild Horse Flyveil FV3 RRP $54.99
  • Wild Horse Flyveil FV1 RRP $49.99
  • Fly Veils by Design Flyveil of your Choice RRP up to $35.95
  • Fly Veils by Design Flyveil of your choice RRP up to $35.95
  • Breyer Minnie Winnies Barn Surprise RRP $19.95
  • Breyer Minnie Winnies Castle Surprise RRP $19.95