Congratulations to our 5 winners, who each win a $200 gift voucher to spend at their local Saddleworld Store!

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Alisa Sye
Clare Ferguson 
Kerry Page
Mr Stoves Pool World



12 days of Christmas Giveaway 

Congratulations to the following winners!

Day 1: Earlwood Polo Top
Your favourite item of clothing to ride in and why?

Winner: Dani Greenhalgh

"I love riding in my Pure Western jeans that I bought from Saddleworld Gympie. Incredibly comfy jeans to wear whilst riding and I also wear them out. Had a wide range of designs and sizes to choose from. I would love to win this lovely polo shirt to wear with my jeans when riding. @saddleworldofficial I’m sure this shirt would be as comfy as the jeans :)"

Day 2: Gidgee Sunglasses
Tell us in the comments the craziest weather you have ever ridden in

Winner: Stacey Turner

"Camping in the mountains, woke in the morning to a foot of snow, had to ride back to main camp in a practical blizzard, I've never been so cold in my entire life!! But it's an experience I'll never forget... all that was missing were sleigh bells"

Day 3: Unicorn Gift Pack
Tell us why you/ or your child love unicorns

Winner: kitten_kat_

" My niece Harper told me that when she grows up she's going to be an uber driver...who gives people rides on a unicorn. At first I thought she was crazy but then I realised it was a pretty good business idea if you used hornless unicorns (horses)"

Day 4: Peter Williams Ladies Gripper Breeches
What is your favourite riding accomplishment?

Winner: Chèllè Mîssy-Mîlò

"Learning how to teach a horse so broken from abuse she would squeal and leap in fright at the thought of you touching her, how to trust humans again..she became second mum to my children, she'd even stand in the dam with them when they swam..she retired to become a nanny to other severely abused horses when my children grew up..she was deemed extremely dangerous and was supposed to be shot on site..she turned into the best second mother I was blessed to be given 💕"

Day 5: Saddleworld Gift Set
What Christmas presents do you want this year for you or your horse?

Winner: Leanne Caban

"I would love to be able to ride my mare again for Christmas,I have been injured and she has been left Unridden due to drought, bushfires and my injury, so nice bright fun halter and lead set to get us restarted"

Day 6: Sunoff Tub
How you keep yourself and your horses cool in summer?

Winner: Jasmine Ināra
Winner: Karen Spencer
Winner: Sonya Hartman
Winner: katiemyers06
Winner: n_j_andersson
Winner: stormpowell

Day 7: Pure Western Gear Bag
Your favourite item that normally goes in your gear bag and why

Winner: Jess An Sparton

"Definitely the chocolate or lollies for after 😂and of course the carrots for the horses😂💗"

Day 8: Nature's Botanical Set
Your  top summer riding beauty hack!

Winner: Tiri Lineham

"Don't forget to spray your horse or yourself to stop the pesky flies and bugs. That way your horse won't accidentally nip your leg when chasing the annoying fly. Also a camelbak is a great idea so you can keep both hands on the reins."

Day 9: Lyndi J Little Lyndi Jodhpurs
Why does your child deserve a special treat this Christmas?

Winner: jodibus

"My 4yo spent up big at Saddleworld Wangaratta the other day 😅💸💸💸 So I’m not sure he “deserves” them but my bank account would appreciate not having to buying his next pair. He’s a beanpole so he’d rock the size 3 blue steel jods 😍"

Day 10: Baxter Tinkerbell Baby Boots
Your top tips for balancing a baby and your riding

Winner: Jayna Bonney

"Start riding as soon as you can after baby and take them to the barn with you. Having a good support crew is key to give you a hand so they learn to sit by the arena until it’s their time to have a little sit 💜 it certainly wasn’t all smooth sailing but now I can ride whenever I want 🙃 Now my 1.5year helps make feeds and sweep the barn as well 👍🏼👍🏼"

Day 11: Wild Horse Fly Mask
Why you're looking forward to Christmas this year

Winner: Tegan MacDonald

 "Seeing photos of everyones horses decorated or resembling one of Santa’s reindeer. Christmas Day skype calling interstate family and friends With the added bonus Christmas extends into the weekend. Opening the furkids (equine, feline and canine) presents and looking at their surprised and confused reactions. That’s got to be one of the best satisfactions!'

Day 12: Wild Horse Fly Mask
Your favourite horse-riding memory

Winner: Avery Black

 " After not riding for 20 years, that first moment riding again had the overwhelming feeling of freedom. I had deeply missed the adventure, exhilaration and deep relaxation but most of all the fun being around horses again. That first ride back in the saddle reminded me, being around horses brings so much happiness into my life."