Congratulations to the 2020 Saddleworld AGM Award Winners

2020 Store of the Year Saddleworld Maitland

Saddleworld Maitland have shown over the past year a continued commitment to the Saddleworld brand. They have gone above and beyond in their marketing efforts and have consistently participated in Saddleworld’s marketing activities.

About Saddleworld Maitland

Michelle, owner of Saddleworld Maitland took over the store in 2003, alongside her brother Rick (who Michelle describes as more of the silent owner!). Michelle embodies all things that are Saddleworld with her wealth of knowledge and riding experience. Michelle is an avid dressage rider who competes regularly, and because of this she is the voice of knowledge to her Maitland customers. She told us that she loves how she can help her customers on a more personable level and provide them with a unique experience.

Michelle’s favourite Saddleworld exclusive product is the Trainer’s Jessica Pro Saddle, although she also loves and sells a lot of the Eurohunter Grand National Deluxe Rugs.


2020 Prestige Dealer of the Year
Bonnetts Saddleworld Evandale

After winning the Prestige Dealer of the Year award in 2019, Bonnetts Saddleworld Evandale continued to show outstanding support of the Prestige brand in 2020, winning the inhouse award for the second year.

 About Saddleworld Bonnetts Evandale

Greg and Gary, joint owners of Bonnetts Saddleworld Evandale, first introduced the Prestige saddles to the Australian market many years ago and later they became core to the Saddleworld offering, which has proven to be very successful. Both Gary and Greg genuinely believe that the Prestige saddles are the very best in the world with the research in to how they can make a better product for both the horse and rider to enjoy.

Continual development, lifetime warranty on the saddle tree, flexibility to adjust the saddles for both horse and rider and the best leather available assists Saddleworld Bonnetts to deliver the highest quality product to their clients. Gary told us “Prestige saddles means happy horses and happy riders, which makes our job easier and more satisfying. They are a fabulous product and we are very proud to be able to be part of the global Prestige team.

Bonnetts Saddleworld is Australia’s oldest saddlery and the 14th oldest business in Australia. Greg and I are 6th generation descendants of the original owner Edward Albert Bonnett. We joined the Saddleworld company just after it commenced over 3 decades ago and have been very proud members since.

Our favourite saddle at the moment is the Prestige D2 Mono flap dressage saddle. It really is amazing and provides so much comfort and enjoyment for both horse and rider.”

2020 Ambassador of the Year Megan Jones

Our ambassador of the year award goes to Megan Jones who has represented Bonnetts Saddleworld since she was just ten years old.

Superstar eventer and Olympian Megan Jones won the Saddleworld Ambassador of the year as she embodies all things that are Saddleworld.

From our quality house brands to our exclusive international accounts, Megan has shown continued support and trust in all the saddles and equipment her horses are kitted out with.