Find out about Saddleworld Franchise

Saddleworld commenced operations in 1986 as a buying group where it has grown into a leading Franchise operation expanding its reaches across Australia.  Whilst its legal entity is a franchise, it differs significantly from other franchise structures in that it affords a higher level of independence and a lower level of control than strict franchise operations.  Unlike other franchise structures Saddleworld does not take a percentage of a stores turnover.


What Does Saddleworld Offer

The primary purpose of the group is to increase the profitability of its franchisees by:

  • Negotiating better buying prices and bulk deals from our Australian Preferred Suppliers;
  • Sourcing Exclusive Brands and Products locally and overseas;
  • Developing Exclusive Brand Names and Products that are unique to Saddleworld;
  • Engaging in national marketing campaigns;
  • Providing on-going support from our team of specialists to Franchisees by way of direct advice from the Saddleworld Support Centre, other Saddleworld Franchisees and professionals engaged by the group; and
  • Fostering a culture of support and unity amongst franchisees.

If you wish to discuss owning a Saddleworld Franchise in more detail, we encourage you to contact us at Saddleworld on