How to fit a riding helmet

A correctly fitted helmet is essential for riding safely. We recommend you head into into your local Saddleworld store to have your new helmet professionally fitted to ensure a correct fit. Check out our tips on fitting a riding helmet.

Step 1: Measuring for a helmet

Using a soft measuring tape, measure 1 inch above the eyebrow, around the widest part of the head. Ensure that it is a snug fit, but not pulling too tightly. 

Step 2: View your chosen helmets sizing chart  

Compare your head size to the size measurements on your chosen helmets sizing chart. Most will look like this taken from the Eurohunter Freedom Lite.

Size: Small (49-53), Medium (54-56), Large (57-59), Extra large (60-61)

Step 3: Keep your hairstyle consistent

When trying on your helmet ensure that your hairstyle is the same as it will be when you are riding. 

Step 4: Checking the helmet fit

  1. Ensure that its a snug fit
  2. Check that it's not too tight that it will give you a headache but will also not fall off. 
  3. Is there even pressure around the whole of your head.
  4. Check that the helmet sits level, not tipping forward or backwards. 
  5. Ensure that the helmet moves with your head. You can do this by lifting the brow/ visor, you want to see the skin moving with the helmet.
  6. Another way to check the fit is to lean over and shake your head. Does the helmet stay on? If the helmet falls off, consider moving to a smaller size. 

Step 5: Checking the harness fit

Make sure that when the harness is latched and on, the sliders are under your ear, which will keep your helmet in the correct position on your head. 

You should be able to fit one finger beneath the chin strap. Any more than this and you risk the helmet coming loose in the event of a fall.  

Step 6: Signs the helmet is too big 

  1. It slides easily up and down, without pulling the skin.
  2. If you shake your head side to side you will notice a lot of movement.

We recommend going into your local Saddleworld store to get the best fit and fitting advice. You can find your nearest store here.