How to fit a riding helmet

A well fitting helmet is crucial for safe riding. We highly recommend visiting your local Saddleworld store for professional fitting to guarantee the perfect fit.

If you are unable to get into a store, below are some helpful tips for fitting your riding helmet.


Step 1: Measure for your helmet
Using a soft measuring tape like a dress makers tape, measure from 2.5cm above your eyebrow, around the widest part of your head. It should feel snug but not overly tight.
Step 2: Refer to the sizing chart
Compare your head measurements to the sizing chart of your chosen helmet. For example, the Eurohunter Freedom Lite offers sizes ranging from Small (49-53) to Extra Large (60-61) while the Eurohunter Renmark offers sizes from 52cm to 61cm
Step 3: Maintain consistent hairstyle
Where possible, ware your hair how you would when wearing the helmet. If it is your show helmet style your hair as you would on competition day.
Step 4: Check the helmet fit
Make sure the helmet fits snugly without causing discomfort. It should sit level on your head without tipping forward or backward. Lift the brow/visor to ensure it moves with your head. Lean over and shake your head to see if the helmet stays in place; if it falls off, consider a smaller size.
Step 5: Assess the harness fit
Ensure the harness sliders are positioned under your ears when latched to keep the helmet securely in place. You should be able to fit one finger beneath the chin strap; any more could risk the helmet coming loose during a fall.
Step 6: Recognize signs of a too-big helmet
If the helmet slides easily or if there's excessive movement when shaking your head side to side, it may be too large.
For the best fit and fitting advice, visit your nearest Saddleworld store