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Introducing AS-X Technology

What is Adaptive System X-Technology?

AS-X (Adaptive System X-Technology) is an innovative technology applied to the tree, an exclusive system, unique on the market, that makes it possible to have a tree, and therefore a saddle, that adapts to the movements of the horse’s back, maximising its athletic qualities. This new tree entirely follows the horse’s movements while guaranteeing stability for the rider thanks to the combination of two technologies: the X-Technology with injected membranes that offer maximum stability in the saddle and the Adaptive System, a shock-absorbing system that allows the frame to make both a lateral/torsional and axial movement thanks to a joint in the central part of the tree.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Close contact and stability for the rider.
  • Flexibility of the tree that maximizes the athletic performance and expression in the movement of the horse.
  • The unisex tree guarantees the same effectiveness of the technology to both women and men.


  • for riders seeking an ultimate performance and well-being of the horse.
  • for riders seeking suppleness in their body and in the horse’s movement.
  • for riders who don’t want to choose between riding effectiveness and freedom of movement of the horse.
  • for riders who like a narrow twist and a comfortable seat. The X-Technology, with the wide integrated membranes, guarantees the same sensation for both women and men.
  • for riders who seek a quick and responsive communication with the horse.

To learn more about this amazing technology, watch this video about how AS-X came about.


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