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Nutritional Supplement for Optimal Immune System Activity

Activ-8 is formulated to support a strong immune system which is crucial for overall health and performance.

Factors such as hard training, stress and illness can take their toll on your horse’s immune system with coughs and colds causing unnecessary down-time, health complications and potentially putting other horses at risk of infection.

Kohnke’s Own Activ-8 features specific nutrients which work to improve the responsiveness of the equine immune system, ensuring optimum function to help with recovery.

Horses can benefit from a course of Activ-8 following general sickness, intense competition, prior to long distance travel or when they’re at risk of exposure to respiratory viruses from other horses at events.

The Concept of Activ-8

Activ-8 includes nutrients that have been scientifically shown to improve immune function and are critically important to equine health and vitality.  Activ-8 is a targeted supplement to give when your horse is immune challenged, ‘under the weather’, at risk of infection or when meeting new horses at competitions. 

Activ-8 contains a premium, organic chelated form of selenium (as selenomethionine), which has been proven as more effective to help immune function in horses than commonly used inorganic selenium compounds such as sodium selenite and selenate. 

Activ-8 provides nutrients necessary for optimal wound healing to help reduce secondary bacterial infections and promote skin regeneration.  Activ-8 is recommended when horses have repeated bouts of skin infections, such as ‘greasy heel’ or ‘rain scald’, which may indicate poor immune function.

Which Horses Benefit?

  • Horses with a cold, cough or viral respiratory disease
  • When introducing new horses to a stable or paddock with other horses, often a time when respiratory viruses can strike
  • When horses are in high intensity training or a stressful workload which can cause suppression of the immune system
  • Before sending young horses to yearling preparation farms, breaking-in stables or other situations where they may have not previously been exposed to viral or bacterial infections.
  • All horses travelling and competing with other unknown horses at events, where risk of cross-infection is high.
  • After wounds, cuts or skin tears to help reduce the risk of secondary bacterial infection
  • For improved skin regeneration and to help prevent severe scarring or proud flesh.
  • When horses have suffered greasy heel, rainscald or other skin infections, especially after multiple or recurrences which may indicate poor immunity. 

Pack sizes:

1 kg pouch (50 days supply) 

3 kg bucket (150 days supply) 

Additional Information

1kg, 2.5kg

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