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Cell-Iron is a premium iron supplement designed for horses in regular and intense training, racing, endurance or equestrian competition to help maximise performance and accelerate recovery.

The pelleted supplement contains three different forms of iron along with essential iron co-factors such as vitamin C and folic acid to facilitate iron uptake.

Cell-Iron is particularly beneficial for horses receiving a predominantly hand-fed diet of hay and grain and allows specific adjustment of iron levels in the diet for overall health and optimum athletic performance.

The Concept of Cell-Iron

Horses on a predominantly hard-feed diet, or with limited grazing access, can have inadequate levels of iron, in turn compromising their athletic performance, stamina and blood oxygen levels.

The iron content and uptake of iron from feeds and forages can vary significantly.  Iron provided by grass and hay may be only 15-18% bioavailable (even when soil content is high) due to the native form of iron and the natural limit of digestive absorption.

Shortfalls of dietary iron have been associated with anaemia and low red cell counts in performance and racing horses.

Cell-Iron is a great alternative to injectable iron preparations as orally supplemented iron is less reactive, with a protected absorption route. In a pelleted form, Cell-Iron is also more effective compared to liquid or powdered iron supplements, which will react with sensitive vitamins in feeds, particularly antioxidants.

Pack Sizes:

1.2kg (60 x 20g doses)

3.5kg (175 x 20g doses)

10kg (500 x 20g doses) available from your local Saddleworld store

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1.2kg, 3.5kg

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