Kohnke's Own Marathon Endurance

$55.95 – $110.95


When the going’s long and tough…

Concentrated Trace-Minerals and Vitamin Supplement with additional Vitamin E, Iron and Organic Selenium especially for Endurance Horses.

The ‘All-in-One’ Supplement formulated especially for Endurance Training and Competition for horses fed on grain, chaff and hay based diets that are low to meet the needs for long distance competition, all you have to add is bone minerals and salt relative to exercise needs! Marathon Endurance™ was formulated in conjunction with leading Endurance Riders.

Blended from 4 Supplet® pellets:

  • Brown Supplet® Pellets – full range of trace- minerals.
  • Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets – essential vitamins for metabolism and vitality.
  • Black Supplet® Pellets – extra iron, B12 and folic acid to maintain blood and oxygen levels.
  • Pink Supplet® Pellets – provides vitamin E, organic selenium, with vitamin B1 and magnesium to meet needs for long distance exercise.

Marathon Endurance™ is highly palatable, non-dusty and does not sift-out or sludge in the feed.

Pack Sizes: 1.4kg (23-35 doses) 4kg (66-100 doses) 10kg (166-260 doses) 20kg (333 – 500 doses)

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1.4kg, 4kg

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