Kohnke's Own Redi-Flex

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New Generation Supplement for Healthy Joints in Horses

Kohnke’s Own Redi-Flex is extremely beneficial for performance horses to ensure they reach their full potential.  For older or retired horses, Redi-Flex is particularly effective as a nutritional supplement to help provide relief from joint pain and arthritis, giving greater mobility to exercise or graze.

Redi-Flex ensures maintenance of healthy joints, tendons and ligaments in horses, helping to improve and maintain overall joint health and function, and help minimise the effects of accumulated joint wear or long-term damage.

The Concept of Redi-Flex

Equestrian sports and racing can put a significant strain on horses’ legs, joints, tendons and ligaments. Joint wear and tear can compromise freedom of movement, flexibility and willingness whilst increasing the risk of injury and soundness issues.

Redi-Flex has over 10 active ingredients which all have roles in joint health and function.  In contrast to other joint supplements, Redi-Flex has increased synergy with nutrients targeting the entire joint structure, synovial fluid, tendons and ligaments for proven benefits in all types of horses.

Kohnke’s Own takes the safety, efficacy, ultimate results and palatability of their supplements very seriously!  Redi-Flex had over 2 years of extensive research field trials showing excellent outcomes and feedback in helping to improve joint health and function in horses of all ages, diets and exercise levels.  

Which Horses Benefit?

  • All horses as a targeted supplement for healthy joints, cartilage and tendons
  • Horses in all work and competition levels to maintain willingness of movement
  • Young horses in joint concussive sports experiencing joint wear and tear
  • Pleasure riding horses and senior horses as a premium supplement to help maintain joint health
  • As a supportive supplement for horses with arthritic changes, stiffness or joint concerns
  • Retired and senior horses to enable comfortable paddock movement for optimum health and wellbeing

Pack sizes:

1 kg pouch (50 days supply) 

3 kg bucket (150 days supply) 

6.5 kg large bucket (325 days supply) available from your local Saddleworld store.

Additional Information

1.2kg, 3kg

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