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Weight Management Supplement for Overweight or Good-Doer Horses

Kohnke’s Own TRIM is designed to help normalise the metabolism in ‘good doer’ horses and ponies who may be at risk of laminitis and founder.


Owners often struggle to reduce weight in these horses and ponies, even during periods of sparse grass or reduced feeding. While a trip to the ‘Jenny Craig’ paddock is a popular way to begin weight loss, it may not be successful if the horse or pony is an ‘easy-keeper’.

TRIM can be used before the horse is at risk of laminitis or founder, but it can also quickly soften and reduce cresty necks and tail butt fat which are the common signs that body condition of a horse or pony is above the healthy range.

The Concept of TRIM:

TRIM is the result of 4 years of field trials and research by Kohnke’s Own and contains nutrients which are often low or inadequate in the diets of horses and ponies on restricted rations.

TRIM is not like other weight management supplements! Many of which act on the hindgut digestive system, to suppress growth of hindgut bacteria or provide an artificial buffer to modify acid balance.

In contrast, TRIM contains specific nutrients which have roles in ‘burning’ fat and sugar more effectively from dietary sources.  TRIM is especially useful to strip off cresty necks and abnormal fatty deposits, naturally reducing the risk of laminitis through effective weight management.

Which Horses Benefit?

  • ‘Good-doer’ or ‘Easy Keeper’ horse and ponies
  • Overweight horses and ponies
  • Horses and ponies with a hard, bulging or ‘cresty’ neck and deposits of tail butt fat or abnormal fatty deposits over the shoulder and wither area.
  • Horses with a history of laminitis or those sensitive to sugar
  • Horses suffering from Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) or Insulin Resistance (IR)
  • Show horses and ponies needing to quickly trim down neck fat or cresty areas before a competition.
  • Hard-working, but sugar-sensitive horses, which need a grain-based diet for performance but struggle with abnormal fatty deposits or risk of laminitis.

Pack sizes:

1.4 kg pouch (70 days supply) 

4 kg bucket (200 days supply) 

10 kg large bucket (500 days supply) available from your local Saddleworld store.

Additional Information

1.4kg, 4kg

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