Kohnke's Own Troppo Salts

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Concentrated Electrolyte Supplement for Horses in Hot, Humid and Tropical Conditions

Horses resting and working under hot and humid conditions in northern regions of Australia, such as Queensland, the Northern Territory and northern WA, have increased needs for a concentrated salt and electrolyte mix to ensure optimum salt and fluid balance. 

Troppo-Salts is formulated to provide essential salts and other nutrients which help correct a low or inadequate intake of a range of salts in grain, chaff and hay based diets.

In extreme heat and humidity some horses develop a reduced ability to sweat and can suffer from anhydrosis (dry coat, non-sweating syndrome) which can have serious medical consequences. Supplementation with Troppo-Salts is beneficial and has a role in maintaining the normal sweating process.

The Concept of Troppo-Salts

Troppo-Salts has been formulated based on extensive research by Dr John Kohnke to help ensure electrolyte replenishment for optimum sweating ability in tropical weather regions of Australia and overseas. 

Troppo-Salts is especially formulated for hot and humid tropical regions of QLD, NT and upper WA, where a specialised electrolyte supplement is recommended.  In these conditions, sweat and fluid replenishment for horses is critical, especially when resting, working and travelling. 

Heavily sweating horses, such as endurance horses, may also benefit from the blend of electrolyte and antioxidants in Troppo-Salts.

The updated ‘all-in-one’ formula of Troppo-Salts contains all the salts your horse needs.  You now do not need to add extra plain salt.  Troppo-Salts new formula includes antioxidants, zinc and the amino acid L-arginine, as nutrients that may help horses which show symptoms of reduced or patchy sweating, heat stress and anhydrosis. 

For moderately sweating horses not located in tropical regions, Kohnke’s Own Cell-Salts is recommended. 

Which Horses Benefit?

  • All horses resting or working in hot and humid conditions and weather regions in Australia, such as Queensland and the Northern Territory
  • Horses which sweat excessively in response to exercise
  • Flexible dose rates ensure electrolyte replacement for horses at rest and at all levels of training, from light work to intense work
  • Especially useful for horses with reduced sweating ability or anhydrosis

Pack sizes:

2 kg pouch (40 days supply) 

5 kg bucket (100 days supply) 

15 kg bucket (300 days supply) available from your local Saddleworld store.

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2kg, 5kg

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